Benge Development Corporation





A Full Suite of Real Estate Services Backed by Experience and Expertise.


For the past 30 years, Benge Development has successfully overseen the development process of over 100 projects totaling 30,000 acres of land throughout Central Florida. Many of these projects started as unentitled parcels that were carefully and effectively brought through the entitlement process to the satisfaction of our clients.

The firm has also entered into relationships with clients mid-process and assisted to successful conclusions.


The Benge Development team has combined experience of over 100 years in all phases of the real estate development process. Land Acquisition, Land Entitlements, Land Development, and Construction Oversight are all within our wheelhouse of experience.


Our mission is to assist landowners and investors in order to maximize value and execute strategies efficiently. The overall development processes are complex, and the time sensitive nature of this process can incur costs and waste valuable dollars if critical dates are missed. The Benge Development Team maintains active and productive relationships with an extensive network of environmental scientists, land planners, civil engineers, surveyors, architects, and general contractors throughout Central Florida. These relationships allow for timely, effective, and successful navigation of the development process.


Our team has decades of experience navigating the entitlement process.  Our established relationships with the municipalities throughout the Central Florida and Florida's West Coast give us a particular time advantage.   Our knowledge of the process and players allow us to avoid unnecessary delays by meeting with municipal staff bringing our reputation of doing what we say and when we say we will do it. 


Our land development team has over 4 decades of experience in the Central Florida area.  They have overseen projects ranging from 10 acre luxury single family home sites to Master Planned development of over 2,000 acres.  Their experience in the Central Florida area, our network of engineers and environmental scientists assure clients of having a team that can execute a plan and efficiently deal with unique conditions.


Our team has been involved in land acquisition for over three decades.  From 20 lot waterfront luxury communities to over 2,500 home golf course communities the Benge group has taken raw land and developed communities that respect the nature of the local communities.  These communities blend land use, infrastructure, and architecture that create a living environment that allows for generations to live, work, and play. 


Benge Development has a long time relationship and involvement with the YMCA and Junior Achievement.  Tony Benge has been an active member of the YMCA Executive Board since 2005.  

The depth of our experience, third party relationships, and municipal relationships allow us to acquire land at any stage of entitlement, successfully navigate the process, and bring about the site’s highest and best-use completion.